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CTO of SpiritSoft and fundamental of information technology book founder and VP Product Development at LogicBlaze.
Previously he wrote, scripting in Java for about The Book, activeMQ In Action is for software architects, developers, and integrators interested in enterprise message queuing in general and ActiveMQ in particular.Message redelivery and dead-letter queues.7.With the basics well in hand, you move into interesting examples of ActiveMQ at work, following a running Stock Portfolio application.Information on subscribing to the mailing list or the Nabble forum are available here: ml, accessing the Source Code, this source code is directly accessible from the Google Code project's Subversion source control repository available here: m/bsnyder/activemq-in-action.You'll integrate ActiveMQ with containers like Geronimo and JBoss and learn to tie into popular Java-based technologies like Spring Framework.Bruce Snyder is a veteran of enterprise software development and a recognized leader in open source software.With this hands-on guide, youll use the stomp and mqtt messaging protocols to write iOS and web applications capable of sending and receiving GPS and device sensor data, text messages, and alerts.Routing engine with Apache Camel framework.8.
Readers will come away ready to solve complicated messaging related problems using the JMS API and ActiveMQ.
The good thing (or maybe bad, from a complexity standpoint) about ActiveMQ is that it can be configured to work in many different ways.Other items that went into the book include MacBook Pros, Google Docs, GMail, Foonz (until it shut down m, barking dogs during conference calls, company acquisitions, lots and lots of music, loud construction next door, sleepless nights, too much work on airplanes, and plain old.Chapter 9 even discusses using ActiveMQ with languages other than Java, including C, C JavaScript, Perl, PHP, Python, and Ruby.Mobile and Web Messaging, messaging Protocols for Web and Mobile Devices by Jeff Mesnil.By Bruce Snyder, Rob Davies and Dejan Bosanac.