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The SQL norm defines 4 levels of isolation: Serializable (default behaviour in SQLite The highest level of isolation.
When you connect to a database: The manager first checks your authentication (your login and password) and then checks if you have the authorizations to use the database.There are 2 types of rules: I can use logical rules that will remove useless possibilities but they wont filter a lot of possible plans.Suppose this program were implemented on Computer A, a state-of-the-art machine, using a linear search algorithm, and on Computer B, a much slower machine, using a binary search algorithm.The real version is more complicated just for this case; this is why I chose a simplified version.A very good and in-depth presentation on how DB2.X optimizes queries here A very good presentation on how PostgreSQL optimizes queries here.When you ask a database to gather statistics, it computes values like: The number of rows/pages in a table For each column in a table: distinct data chanakya tv series full episodes values the length of data values (min, max, average) data range information (min, max, average) Information on the.
Another theoretical course that I find more accessible but that only focuses on join operators and disk I/O.21 14 :117 Compared to the "many small sorts" optimization, this version may execute fewer instructions, but it makes suboptimal use of the cache memories in modern computers.Internally, it stores the locks in a hash table (where the key is the data to lock) and knows for each data: which transactions are locking the data which transactions are waiting for the data Deadlock But the use of locks can lead.It will cost O(N) because youll have to look at each node in the tree and check if its between these 2 values (for example, with an in-order traversal of the tree).Once you found the right bucket you have to find the element youre looking for inside the bucket using this comparison.PageID: the location on disk of the modified data.The only drawback of the statistics is that it takes time to compute them.