all that i know ocd moosh and twist

Little but we do it form flow filler 2.24 big, like I was a dipper.
I ain't tryna be that homie who could never make it happen.
That's the way I roll, that's the way.I'm 'bout to take her out to dinner, guarantee I tip her.Give me something djvu viewer plug-in 6.1.1 I can I spit on, watch game angry birds di hp me rip it like a joint.But Philly what I'm repping, watch me check it like it's hockey.Said it's all that I know.I ride for my clique, i get live with my clique.What's the deal, flow is worth a mil.If you down let's get it crackin make that paper keep it stackin'.And you can never tell me nothing.Yeah, it's all that I know.
Every day you know.
If you with it, cool, if not, I'll treat you like a Tamagotchi.Trick, I'm 'bout to kill, keep it trill.Yeah, it's all that I know Yeah, it's all that I know And you can never tell me nothing Verse 2: Moosh I'm like one time for my day-ones, man, who the hell gon' stop us?Like I love the way it feel, when she break it down for real.Hook: ocd: Moosh Twist, i ride for my clique, i get live with my clique.