anno 1404 venice patch 3.1

Patches Scrolls, AtomicGamer, AusGamers and, gamers Hell.
Fixed mismatched quest text and quest objectives for many extensive quests.
The quest "Glassworks" in Mission 5 was not completed if all the necessary manufactories were built before the start of the quest.
In some cases the achievement "The road map in your head" was awarded under false premises.In return, the condition requiring the people's satisfaction level to be "adequately satisfied" or better was removed.The base chance of a crack sims 3 season ship sniper 2 full game on an expedition being successful has been reduced.In rare cases, ships that were part of an assignment appeared inside an island.The "The disloyal Assistant III" quest didn't spawn any blockade ships.Localized over 300 words used in over 1,300 places to ensure pdf of book the secret 100 proper spellings for both the American and European English versions.The cooldown period between individual Quests for the Emperor and the Sultan has been reduced.(Incorrectly positioned cooldown displays, tool tips, typos, incompletely displayed text, etc.) It is no longer possible to use online profiles or create new ones with modified versions MODs of the game. The "Master detective" achievement is now correctly unlocked as soon as the player has completed the "In the trap" and "Unknown cargo" quests.Savegames from an online profile can now only be loaded once login to "Gateway to the World" was successful.
Achievements: - The probability of receiving the items "Excellent Hanseatic League Master Builder" or "Imperial Cathedral Master Builder" has been increased.As a result, no more faulty saves should be generated.The player could still purchase ships from Hassan ben Sahid even after their ship limit had been reached.Game is DRM free.In rare cases, the game crashed at the end of mission.Ships which have destroyed a target now wait at that spot for new orders rather than returning to their starting point.The AI players now pay the corresponding (higher) price.