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Assassin's Creed 2 is an epic story of family, vengeance and conspiracy set in the pristine, yet brutal, backdrop of a Renaissance Italy.
Play the game Special Notes: Thank you Ubisoft, this was quiete a challenge for us, but nothing stops the leading force from doing what.
Renaissance italy Italy in the 15th century was less a country and more a collection of city-states where families with political and economic strength began to take leadership roles in cities like Florence and Venice.A NEW-found freedom You will be able to perform missions when you want and how you want in this open-ended world that brings back free-running and adds elements such as swimming and even flying to the adventure.S K i D R O W D i N G C E proudly presents, assassins Creed II / Ubisoft, release date : protection : Ubisoft DRM.Special greetz to our friends in genesis, you guys are amongst the very few who still manage to do this with the scene spirit intact.Assassin's Creed 2 retains the core gameplay experience that made the first opus a resounding success and features new experiences that will surprise and challenge players.Game type : Action disks : 1 DVD.Copy the content from the skidrow folder on the DVD to these locations and overwrite.Neither do we encourage anyone to take such actions, no matter how much we agree, that DRM's like this one, are only hurting those that do want to buy the game or have bought.