audio midi setup mac os x

To test a midi interface's midi Out port, click the output port (the upside down triangle) on its corresponding icon in the Audio midi Setup configuration window.
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Click the midi Devices tab.
With Test Setup engaged, you can the big come up black keys test your midi setup's output ports and attached midi controllers.When you are finished testing, click the Test Setup button again.If the status lights on your midi interface light while testing, but your connected midi modules do not make sound, then make sure that the midi cables are connected properly (midi Out from the interface to midi In on the module and that your midi.The output port icon turns red, and AMS sends midi data to the device's physical midi port.The connected midi interface icon's Out port will turn red in AMS and data will be sent, just as it would when clicking directly on the port as described above.Click the Test Setup buttonthe button turns blue and the cursor turns into a pair of musical notes.Next, make sure that the audio output(s) from your modules are connected properly to a mixer or other suitable amplification system.If you have other external midi devices in your Audio midi Setup configuration, you can test them by clicking on the appropriate icon in the Audio midi Setup window.If your module offers a headphone jack, try listening with headphones to see if there is sound.If your midi interface does not respond when you run any of these tests, make sure that you have a driver installed for it that is compatible with the version of OS X that you are using.
With the Test Setup button engaged, you can also test midi input.
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If an external midi device patched to the respective midi port is properly connected to your amplification system, it should also output sound.Simply play a controller that's attached to your interface, and the corresponding midi In port icon (the triangle) in the Audio midi Setup configuration window will turn red.Refer to the midi interface manufacturer's web site for information that pertains to your device.It will turn white, indicating AMS is no longer in Test Mode.A link to the original article can be found here and attribution parties here.Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License.Jan 19, 2017.