cara nak game pou

You have made first contact with extraterrestrial life in the form of a digimon tri episode 1 sentient blob named Pou.
Acquire potions in the laboratory that wii dvd player wad will have all sorts of special effects when they are consumed by Pou.
Put on a different wallpaper pattern for every individual room in Pous virtual home.Player Reviews Average Rating: ( Ratings).However, it really comes across as soulless and by-the-numbers.The bad news is that he cant really do much of anything; hes still physically a baby and needs a lot of love and care before he can grow big and strong.However, the backgrounds are even less imaginative.Lots of ways to customize your pet.
Fortunately, despite those hopefully unintentional innuendos, Pou has little to do with actual toilet humor.
Some things are more nutritious than others, but sweets make him happier.Somehow, he managed to find a way to combine the two passions.If you're one of those that can stick with it, then you'll probably have a decent amount of fun.It's a mystery how a boneless ball of slime can wear anything, but just roll with.You feed Pou when he's hungry, you bathe him when he's dirty, and you let him rest to regain his energy.