cpu ram meter gadget windows 7

Gadgetguy 27-Jun-2012 9:11 am most wanted indeed very useful too see how much RAM and CPU are in use.
I always keep close watch on my CPU and RAM, and I get frustrated if I have to use a computer that doesn't have this app running.
Probably only an issue for anal customers.The Trunk Monkey 15-May-2013 5:54 pm I've been looking for this Very excited to find this gadget, and right after noticing MS stopped supporting.An option for slimmer bars would be also dead disk doctor full nice.Once I set its properties to run with admin rights, the core temperature begin to show correctly in CPU meter.AMD Phenom x6 support!Warren 4-Jul-2012 6:21 am Excellent This is a great gadget not only for overclockers and Tekkies but for anyone.Background, text, bar, graph, reset To Default Setting, flyout Features (Click on icon or title to show the info).Cheers mike durham Richard Holloway 27-Sep-2012 3:37 pm Proven Gadget Several Years ago I was not sure about running this gadget on my machine, I will tell you now that I dont run a machine without it, Zero conan the barbarian comics pdf issue's with compatability, never and issue's with.JoJo Lawren 14-Sep-2012 6:55 pm All CPU Meter is THE best!These tool are a must.
Munyaradzi Tigere 9-Sep-2012 10:57 pm Awesome product The gadget is superb, it works as it says.
Jason 7-Jun-2013 3:45 am Works Great The gadget's always worked great but I had an issue seeing the processor name the last few versions.They still only ask for a donation.Saved my bacon severl times.It also includes sound alerts as well as flyout features that display additional information about your processor, operating system, baseboard, bios, and computer system.Think this is a great app and I won't complain (too much) about things for free.Thanks for this useful tool!Thanks for making such an awesome gadget!It shows that my CPU has an amazing work.So, if you implement G15 support in PC Meter, it would be amazing and I'm definitely install your app.