cs 1.6 fireworks 3.0

Say fireworks - Brings up the fireworks menu.
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Look below for details fireworks_enable 1 / Max amount of flares fireworks_flare_count 30 / Max normal client fireworks fireworks_maxcount 4 / Max admin fireworks fireworks_amaxcount 16 / If 0, totally random fireworks.
A RC firework follows he laser dot, which spawns where your aiming.Shooter Commands: firework_shooter shots time between shots r g b effects A shooter shoots fireworks at time intervals, for shots.Final, stable 120 of 206 1, game file Submitter, stats, aMXX CS:GO Tec-9 hellmonja.A 0 for effects (or not putting it in) will render an "abcdz" rocket.Ported, anyYesNo, featured, anyYesNo, nSFW (Not Safe For Work!Amxx CS:GO M4A1-S and M4A4 hellmonja.A normal firework shoots straight up (with deviation dojo the definitive guide pdf by cvar).Halloween Mod 80 bScore 9, rating 1 vote 4,798 views 7 posts 1yUpdated 2d.Views, any greater than Less than Equal.
CS:GO Ports 90 bScore 10 Rating 4 votes 9,154 views 43 posts 7moUpdated 3d amxx CS:GO CZ75-Auto hellmonja CS:GO Ports 90 bScore 10 Rating 2 votes 1,521 views 63 posts 20dUpdated 4d amxx CS:GO R8 Revolver hellmonja CS:GO Ports 89 bScore.91 Rating 6 votes 3,142 views.
Updated:.0 uses simple entity think routines to gain an almost lagless, and almost entirely task-less method of doing things.
In additions, shooters have been completely fixed.Falling Flares d: Lightening e: Dynamic lights f: Flares flying upward g: Throws Ents h: Explosion i: Particals j: Blood field k?CS:GO Ports 91 bScore 10, rating 6 votes 7,846 views 38 posts 7moUpdated 2d.So, you can spawn them, shoot them, then press it again to detonate.Name, contains Exact match, release Type, all ReleasesStudio ReleasesIndie quota template windows server 2012 ReleasesRedistributions.Note: When fireworks_enable is 1, the password will not help anyone.The fireworks menu lets you quickly see how many fireworks you can fire, how many you have fired, and lets you hit all the commands that were above.A RV firework is remote controlled by you, you ARE the firework.