cs 1.6 kz hack

Countjump Script - no idea, slowmotion - slowing down time, speedhack - faster running, shooting, reloading, etc.
256.* LongJump script ( developer 0, sv_airaccelerate 10 ) Code / lj script example 10aa!
[email protected] "alias kzh_xtd" alias @fa.Release Date: 06/09/10, here are the functions: Anti-Kick - well, if this function really works (which I somnivayus then you can not kick from the server.Gravity Hack - changes the gravity in the game (and I doubt that works).Some strange features in this hack, especially Gravity Hack and Slowmotion, lacking only the mode of God (god mod looks like a [email protected] "alias kzh_xtd" alias @fa.Shorter than the heresy of some.Judging from the files, changes have occurred only in the configuration files, so that some mega-update is not there.Third Person toggle - the view from a third party.Mb screen is not from here?
[email protected] "alias kzh_xtd @fa.
Longjump Script - script Long jump (long jump)[email protected] "leftstrafe10;rightstrafe10; kzh_loopx td" / ground strafe alias rrr4 "wait;123" alias 123 "duck;wait;-duck" alias -123 "duck;wait;-duck" alias fastgs4 "alias kzh_xtd @faneqHA4 faneqHA4" alias -fastgs4 "alias kzh_xtd" alias @faneqHA4 "rrr4;rrr4; kzh_loopx td" / fast RUN alias yleft "kzh_yawspeed 400;kzh_left;moveleft" alias -yleft 210" alias leftstr "yleft;wait;-yleft" alias.Auto Jump - auto bhop, hang (Stay in the air without falling) - I do not know what it is, if literally translated, the Hang - a cave, and then in brackets - stay in the air without falling.Kz Hack v2 game modern combat 2 hvga - new version of the reader for Counter-Strike.6.Auto Duck - squat and [email protected] "leftstrafe8;rightstrafe8; kzh_loopx td" /strefy alias rightstrafe10 "kzh_yawspeed -850; moveright; kzh_right; wait; kzh_yawspeed 850;wait3;wait3; -kzh_right; -moveright;developer 1;fps_max 200" alias leftstrafe10 "kzh_yawspeed -850; moveleft; kzh_left; wait; kzh_yawspeed 850; wait3;wait3;-kzh_left; -moveleft;developer 1;fps_max 200" alias.No Flash - not blind, no Smoke - smoke clears, how to use: - Extract the archive - Start CS - Run the cheat - If the cheat is working, a message appears on the [email protected] "alias kzh_xtd @fa.More on the screenshot I see ESP, but the author has somehow decided to not mention this in the description.