dr house season 2 episode 21

The season ends on a cliffhanger as House is seen being wheeled into the drama rooftop prince episode 5 ER by his team and he makes a request for ketamine before losing consciousnesses altogether.
However, the constellation of symptoms convinces House theres a more serious underlying condition.House cures the rat after capturing him and keeps him as a pet.Meanwhile, House's leg pain worsens because he misses Stacy.We find out the ultimate loner longs for the connection he had with this woman.Meanwhile, the team tries to treat a patient whose test results keep coming up negative even as his bizarre array of symptoms continue to get worse.Contents show, production, edit, season 2 of, house.D." Distractions " February 14, 2006.20 Plot : A severe burn victim becomes House's patient when he develops tachycardia, but because of his conditions, they cant use most of their usual testing procedures.House and God battle to a tie over a case involving a teenage preacher.A doctor that caught House cheating on a test nearly twenty years ago comes to the hospital to give a speech regarding a new drug.When Chase kisses a 9-year old cancer patient who asks him because she wants to be kissed before the disease takes her life, House taunts him about it while simultaneously admiring the patients ability to manipulate Chase.Cuddy puts herself on the case, but her lack final cut pro codec mac of objectivity and her concern about the patient being able to maintain his livelihood makes House confront her about the proper course of treatment.
Clearly one of the influences for the character.Meanwhile, Cuddy refuses to authorize an autopsy on the previous patient on the grounds that whatever he had may spread through the hospital.Meanwhile, Wilson wants House and Stacy to confront their feelings for each other, Cameron refuses to get the results of her HIV test and House is no longer under the supervision of Foreman." Sex Kills " March 7, 2006.56 Plot : House quickly diagnoses a life threatening illness, but it won't do the patient much good unless he can figure out what was causing an illness in an accident victim whose heart the living patient needs for.Meanwhile, a comedy of errors occurs in the clinic when a patient who believes she has cancer is seen.Thankfully, she soon learns that her HIV tests were negative and that sleeping with Chase and taking Ecstacy were big mistakes.Meanwhile, Cameron deals with a clinic patients terminal diagnosis by trying to prove everyone wrong, and when the diagnosis seems to be confirmed at each step, she gets more and more desperate to save her patient while wondering why House only cares about a murderer.However, this was a deliberate decision made by the director for theatrical reasons.We also get a much deeper insight into House himself when his parents John House and Blythe House drop by the hospital for a visit.Meanwhile, House suspects Wilson of cheating on his wife.