drama korea 49 days episode terakhir

Its a little childs backpack, and 7 zip portable italiano she tells Kang that it was hers, from when she was first abandoned at the orphanage.
They go to see Yi-kyung, and Mom asks to see the shoes.Yi-soo: Now I can leave with my heart at ease.Ji-hyun just says that such beings exist.He oversees a construction site for a building dead disk doctor full hes designed.He adds,"ng 49-days-Ji-hyun, that hiding your feelings is a lot harder than not knowing (as in, the person sparing the others pain has the harder time of it).She guesses Seo-woo and Yi-kyung, but he tells her that Yi-kyung wasnt one of them.Its possible that my fate was to commit suicide from that shock.Im of two minds of the finale.
THE END girlfridays comments Wow, I dont know if Ive ever been so satisfied with a drama ending as I am with this one.
Gah, who the hell knows anymore to In-jung when she had come to try and kill Ji-hyun.In fact, itll make things harder.So here it is in a nutshell: Its fucking perfect.Isnt there something like that?The thing I hoped for the most was for Ji-hyun to live.I mean, I know shell die eventually, but SIX frackin days?I need a tissue break.And though I wasnt anticipating it, this is exactly the ending I wanted, and even better than the one I was expecting.