drama korea city hunter episode 7

Probably because it makes Yoon-sungs life difficult, and I so enjoy seeing his dorky, bumbling ways emerge despite that smooth-talking, playboy-looking exterior.
Too bad for them that Jin-pyo is one step (or maybe twenty) ahead of them; he transformers 2 games demo peels off the fake fingertips hed been wearing during their visit, which ought to throw them off his scent.
In her hastiness, she doesnt realize that shes basically admitted her interest in him, that the ladies are comparing boyfriends.
Nana urges him to eat up so she can return the food containers to the snack shop ajumma, and Yoon-sung asks to accompany her, for some air.I like that Yoon-sung is onboard with the revenge plans at the outset of each stage, but that he develops an additional, more personal reason in each case to really bring it home.She uses super-cheesy lines on him, asking if he ever surprises himself (with his beauty) when looking in the mirror, as she does.Kyung-hee assures them repeatedly that shes fine, even as she can barely keep her head up, and Nana urges him to carry her home on his back.Oh, is agriculture what were calling narcotics trade now?Yoon-sung comes screeching up and separates the two, and asks lightly, Man, do I have to hang a sign saying youre my girl?Yoon-sung lays out the rules of their lessons: weekdays from 6:30 to 8:30, no dinner included, and no late nights, since Im a guy with extremely busy nights, got that?She says that she goes to eat Kyung-hees food when she misses her own mom, and then comes here to the waters edge to sing a song, and demonstrates.This isnt about pure punishment, because what good is punishment if the injuries go untreated?
The three sons are hereby ordered to enlist, which unleashes a flurry of questions that Seo is unprepared to answer, about whether this is a media play in light of the election, or if their exemptions were illegally begotten.Its a comment that particularly registers with Yoon-sung, whos plotting the demise of the bootmakers and their corrupted affiliates.Both con artists act relieved to hear it, and request a physical exam to prove their health statuses.As Nana waits for the bus after the speech, Seos flashy youngest son drives up, having made eyes at her during the event, and offers her a ride.But the president produces a combat boot thats falling apart, growing angry as he points out the unforgivably high failure rate.On alert, she makes her way to the green room, which is empty.