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Some programs let you do color substitutions, for instance, and that beats the heck out of keyshia cole enough love picking and recoloring objects one by one.
Experienced users can often tell what program you use just by looking at the charts in your presentations.
PictureCropAspectRatio1To1 1 button.GroupReadOnlyServer 0 1 group Want to edit this document?Heres an example of 2 player race games how to use it: mmandBars.A pasted copy of a chart contains a picture that represents your data, not the data itself; the copy has no connection to the information that formed the basis for the chart.Each presentation program's charts have their own personality.At this point we're going to meander off on a little side-discussion about transferring graphics hither and yon between Windows presentation programs.Of course, this takes more work, since you have to re-create each chart in NEW.One contains sizing and placement information; the other doesn't, and it seems that Freelance uses the latter.Let's say you have an old presentation done in your old software, and that you've thoughtfully named it OLD.
Set the presentation's page size to match what you've got in OLD.
Use a title master for title slides if at all possible.Design amazing presentations, including integrating videos.PowerPoint will scale everything up to the correct size for you automatically.If this is your lucky day, the entire slide will transfer, including the background.Note that PowerPoint will paste in the same number of rows and columns you copied from Freelance, but will not blank out any data beyond that range.The first part of the strategy is this: never delete your OLD software until YOU'RE sure YOU DON'T need IT ANY more.Transfer outline text If you have a lot of text in OLD, it's worthwhile to select it all in OLD's outliner, copy it, then paste into NEW's outliner.If your graphics are causing you to spend far too much time editing, check out the export features of the source program.If you get warnings about "breaking links to the source program" don't worry about.