emily's tea garden game

You will have all the food and the help you usher luther vandross superstar need with each diary entry.
Left of the tray.You will need to add the right fruit to the bowl.This will give you bonus points.If you cant get the orders fast enough to get the line moving, send the Entertainer over to their table and the person in line will be in a better mood when they pay.You can use him as often as youd like to make people happy, even if hes not at the start position.Other customers will want their food faster.The last level of this restaurant is tricky.
In order to prevent this, you can use your helpers as well as making sure you effectively help each customer as they come.
You dont have to touch them again until youre ready to give them to a customer.If you have 2 orders for fruit bowls that are the same, you can only prepare one of them at a time.Throughout the game, you will gain assistants and more challenges.If you make them wait more, their faces will go away.With the meals involving bread, you just have to click program corel draw x4 portable on the vegetable or meat and then click on the bread.If you are delivering food to a table and the phone rings, pick up the phone first to get the reservation started.