f-secure ssh client 5.4 build 34

If sftp client sent both posix and ACL permissions then Winsshd will use ACL and ignore posix.
It has no other rights.
Xxx.xxx:1593: Session channel 1: FlowSfsWin: Read attributes for 'serverappsdevfilesftp (follow symlink).
We don't want "Everyone" to have read permission to the file once it is placed on the server.42:04.864Z Winsshd.01 111 Info Session thread 1001 for Windows account 'domainrobot' from 131.xxx.42:04.848Z Winsshd.01 126 Info.We still use F-Secure SSH version.4 build 34 as our standard SSH client.Dll before the.03 release, then send me a private message by click mail icon next to my name.Let me answer that.No user has full permission to that folder.There are NO warranties, implied or otherwise, with regard to this information or its use.Find an authorized reseller.I would suggest enabling "option to ignore permissions (and ownership) set by the client" by default, since this is effectively what Winsshd.x did.
The arma 3 alpha single player missions file inherited the proper permission!
Winsshd doesn't do anything wrong there, so it is not Winsshd that needs to be fixed.Our SSH client - Tunnelier does exactly that as well.Session thread 1001 for Windows account 'domainrobot' from 131.xxx.Xxx.xxx:1593: Session channel 1: sftp initialization request received.File does not inherit ntfs permission from parent using sftp.I.e., regular users should only have Modify (rwxd) permission, instead of Full permission.I found that the file I uploaded does not inherit the ntfs permission from the parent folder. .Oh - I saw the second screenshot in the case you opened now.The file has owner set to 'robot' account and 'domain users' group.