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Guinea pigs do not generally thrive when housed with other species.New Zealand Cavy Council.Unfortunately, the result is a poorly-paced, undeveloped mish-mash of ridiculousness that is by and large neither funny nor engaging.Yoh Satou is a broke guy living in his school's dorms who one day, in a hunger-stricken stupor, finds himself getting beaten down in a ree days running.Seorang penyihir muda, Lucy Heartfilia, berkelana ke negara Fiore untuk bergabung dengan Guild Fairy Tail.That's not to say that there isn't plenty of substance to be revealed: even setting aside murders and Personas, it's hinted that the Hanamura store, Junes, is attracting shoppers away from the traditional shopping arcade whether this is the hint of something insidious or simply.
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Hunter Hunter Rating: 4 Hunter Hunter opens in an idyllic village where young, spiky-haired protagonist Gon catches the Lord of the Lake, an enormous fish.
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