flexgrid for visual studio 2010

ExpenseReport new ExpenseReport else / Get existing Expense Report at first sight ebook pdf this.
Expense Report Dashboard First we create a new screen called ExpenseReportDashboard.
Demonstrates client-side filtering, and allows an expense report to be selected and opened up in a separate tab using the ExpenseReportDetail screen.We add a Silverlight User Control and name it ExpenseReports.About ComponentOne, componentOne has provided a wide range of Microsoft Visual Studio components, IDE platform development tools and applications for over 22 years.We now have a LightSwitch-only version of the application.We now need to implement a screen that will allow us to edit a single expense report.We use the following code for the method: partial void NewReport_Execute / Open Screen and set to a new record owExpenseReportDetail(-1 When we run the application, the New Report button will open the ExpenseReportDetail screen with a new expense report.ComponentOne FlexGrid for.NET also includes FlexGridClassic, a wrapper class that provides an object model with the ActiveX version of the control.To complete the ExpenseReportDetails screen, we need to add a Silverlight control and another C1FlexGrid control.Cons The data grid does not allow custom formatting.This includes ComponentOne Studio Enterprise, which represents a broad and complete set of tools and solutions for Microsoft Windows, Web and Mobile application developers.
LightSwitch has a built-in data grid control, but it does not have grouping, client-side filtering, or printing.
Xaml page: c1:Column ColumnName"Select" Header" " Width"40" AllowDragging"False" AllowResizing"False" AllowSorting"False" c1:Column.We return to the ExpenseReportDashboard screen in the LightSwitch project and implement the ExpenseReportDashboard_Created method.We use the following code to wire-up an event handler to call the method: public partial class ExpenseReportDashboard : IExpenseReportDetails / Private variable to hold reference to the FlexGrid control IContentItemProxy c1FlexGridProxy null; partial void / Get an instance of the FlexGrid Control c1FlexGridProxy.When the screen opens, we click the Add Data Item button.The data grid does not allow complex client-side filtering The current design only allows one Expense Report to be opened at a time (it does not leverage the multiple tabs game of thrones s01e05 720p in LightSwitch).What will be covered: Creating a simple, expense Report application, implementing security, implementing computed/calculated fields.