full spectrum led strip

14 6500k 8 Royal Blue 450nm 4 Blue 470nm 2 RED 660m 2 Green 525nm, they offer any led combination you can dream.
So they ended up over-nighting it.
Nick gave me a "projected" ship date and unfortunately they missed.The only thing i would change are the end caps.The fixture itself comes with a quick connect driver box which is equipped with a dongle to honda cg 125 manual attach a dimmer.I really wanted a combination of the shimmer, full spectrum, and pop. For instance, you can power 2 of the cree Lumia.2 with only.This way i didn't have to drill any unwanted holes or any modifications to the light itself.Nick is a great guy, very patient and was willing to explain anything and everything i asked, These guys specialize in lighting first, reefing second.
They are especially suitable for for indirect lighting,.g.
In order for certain products within controlled categories, such as electrical and electronic devices, to be legally sold in the European Economic Area, they must bear a CE label, which stands for Conformité Européenne (European Conformity).
The versatile LED strip adds innovation to modern living and with its excellent spectrum supports better vision and a great working atmosphere.Never use over 24V adapter or the power driver could be damaged.Manufacturer can not guarantee product life-time if the operation temperature is over 40C or under-20C.The strip is 24" and has 30 leds.We have taken our experiencing in designing fixtures for commercial and DIY customers and developed a chip that delivers a full spectrum punch with a small footprint on a high end solid copper board designed to out perform other LEDs in its class.