futuremark 3dmark 11 advanced edition key

3DMark 11 uses a native DirectX 11 engine developed in house by Futuremark and designed to use all the new features in DirectX.
The XL-R8R software is no longer supported by Futuremark.
PCMark 10 is easy to install and run, no complicated configuration required.
It will gather these results from the console dumps Quake3 was instructed to generate.Read more Posted by: Hilbert Hagedoorn on: 04/18/2013 07:28 PM 0 comment(s) Futuremark have just released an update for 3DMark 11, the gaming benchmark for DirectX 11 PCs.Read more Tagged as: GeoForms, nvidia Posted by: Hilbert Hagedoorn on: 06/19/2006 11:50 AM 0 comment(s) Here's 14 minutes long video (114.7MB WMV) from the upcoming first person shooter Crysis.Read more Tagged as: Nvidia Posted by: Hilbert Hagedoorn on: 07/24/2012 09:02 AM 0 comment(s) In A New Dawn, the demo starts not with the main character, but with a sweeping overview of a lush rainforest.Read more Posted by: Import on: 03:05 AM 0 comment(s) ShaderMark.0 is a DirectX.0 pixel shader benchmark.Time Spy is a DirectX 12 test added in July 2016.Compatibility - SystemInfo updated to version.17 to improve compatibility with latest hardware.
The first and foremost goals were simplicity and reliability in the tool and in the benchmark scores.
It contains 5 built in demos; you can set filtering methods, resolutions and much much more.Many usefull options, many tweaks, many lost FPS.This benchmark is fully compatible with DX9.0a Read more Tagged as: upgrade, version Posted by: Import on: 03:26 AM 0 comment(s) Yeti Studios is pleased to announce the availability of the Gun Metal benchmark.Read more Posted by: Import on: 03:13 AM 0 comment(s) 3DMark2001 SE runs a wide range of tests to measure both overall 3D performance and speed, analyzing and displaying all system specifications from the driver versions to the exact hardware components of the.This benchmark tool sports a series of advanced technology including Real Time Rendering, Physical Based Shading, Realistic Vegetation Rendering, nvidia PhysX Clothing, nvidia Hairworks and nvidia hbao.Read more Tagged as: Radeon, Scattering, Subsurface Posted by: Hilbert Hagedoorn on: 03:37 AM 0 comment(s) The following demos require radeon X800 graphics technology in order to run.API Overhead feature testMantle.0API Vulkan amdapimantleVulkanDirectX 12 MantleVulkan Mantle.0VulkanAPI Overhead feature test Version.3.3663 SystemInfoIntel X99 Version.3.3663Basic API Overhead feature testVulkan Version.3.3663 API Overhead feature test Time Spy WindowsDPI UI Version.3.3.36822.3.3663API Overhead feature test Version.3.3682Basic API Overhead feature testDirectX.