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Cnet News digg_url Although its name suggests perhaps even grander capabilities, Windows enthusiasts are excited over the discovery of a hidden "GodMode" feature that lets users access all of the operating system's control panels from within a single folder.
Now Playing: Watch this: Enable 'GodMode' in Windows 7 1:46, the trick is the counselor script pdf also said to work in Windows Vista, although some are warning that although it works fine in 32-bit versions of Vista, it can cause 64-bit versions of that operating system to crash.Ina Fried on Twitter.To enter "GodMode one need only create a new folder and then rename the folder to the following: once that is done, the folder's icon will change to resemble a control panel and will contain dozens of control options.I'm not sure it's my idea of playing God, but it is a handy kourtney and khloe take miami season 1 episode 1 way to get to all kinds of controls.When enabled, it will create a shortcut to the God Mode window on a users desktop.Windows 7's so-called GodMode is actually a shortcut to accessing the operating system's various control settings.
But so far, Redmond is silent on the topic.
I've asked Microsoft for more details on the feature and how it came.When disabled, this shortcut will obviously be removed.By creating a new folder in Windows 7 and renaming it with a certain text string at the end, users are able to have a single place to do everything from changing the look of the mouse pointer virtual personality serial number to making a new hard-drive partition.This utility will either enable or disable this functionality.If you want to be the first to hear about the next Godmode or whatever the latest is in Windows news, follow.GodMode is simply a hidden control panel that contains everything about Windows 7 configuration options and settings, all located in one place plus additional features that are not easily found in the ordinary Control Panel.One of the secrets of Windows 7 that is undocumented by Microsoft is the secret option known as God Mode.I'm not sure it's my idea of playing God, but it is a handy way to get to all kinds of controls.Windows 7 users are all abuzz about the OS and its GodMode.If you haven't heard of it, GodMode is a feature that was revealed by CNet's Microsoft Correspondent, Ina Fried.