godzilla daikaiju battle royale full game

Also, Alex, any chance we could get GunHed?
King kaiju, member 0, posted, may :03 AM to all mods or admins who see all thes extra comments that say the same thing please delete them i kept pressing the add comment button and it spawned all these extra comments so please delete the.GunHed became Godzilla.Our staff derives of competitive players, spectators, community leaders and enthusiasts working day-in and day-out making "m" the reputable name it has become.Fighting games are always great to play with however the most interesting one would be when you need to face fifty different monsters in front of you.So, if you are interested in having such an experience then dont waste your time here and there and click the download button flashing below.Yes facing such a huge team of monsters might be a tough task yet and adventurous one too.Related Posts (Visited 324 times, 1 visits today).MonsterMovieguy, member 0, posted, jun :30 AM, i played it!Sign in to add a reply to this topic!It was the best Godzilla game ever(In my opinion btw)!
Hey guys, Shin Godzilla is the next Kaiju!Replies, kING kaiju, member 0, posted, may :02 AM does it have a console version and if so which one because i tryed playing it on thet link and it wouldnt let me and i have plenty of consoles that it might.Check it out, and I hope you guys have fun.Give it a good Ten minutes to load up, it took nfs mw 2012 setup me about a week to finally realize it takes a good long while to even get to the load screen, and also here is a code to unlock all characters for arcade play enter.Member 0, posted, dec :36 AM, i'm a zetaboards Godzilla Daikaiju Battle Royale member so updates from alex is posted on the main page.Next part is all serious, next update is going to be bigger, so it's going to take some time, i doubt Easter will be a possibility.