ham radio log book

CW Messages - Pre-programmed CW messages can be sent using function keys.
M now requires a paid subscription for lookups via XML (see the fm master 104.1 quilmes Callbooks section of XMLog help).PacketCluster spots can also be displayed graphically as band maps or in 'spreadsheet' style.Awards Tracking - Tracks dxcc, WAZ and WAS.Here's a list of currently supported rigs: Alinco - DX-77, elecraft - K2, K3, K3S, KX3 Flex - All Heath - SB-1400 Icom - IC-78, 703, 706, 706MkII, 706MkIIG, 707, 718, 725, 726, 728, 729, 731, 735, 736, 737, 738, 746, 746Pro, 751A, 756, 756Pro.PacketCluster Spots - XMLog can scan PacketCluster spots and give a vocal or CW alert for needed QSOs based on the status from your log.If you want to delete all data, be to tap the button at the top left of the screen, to display the subview, and then tap Delete all data button.There is no charge for using XMLog.Scripts - Scripts allow automated logins to PacketClusters or bulletin boards.Aether can also print QSO detail and address labels to make sending out your paper QSL cards quick and easy.
ZIP into this folder.Modern Mac Application, aether is a modern Mac application and integrates with OS X technology and features such as Mail, Address Book, Spotlight, and AppleScript.Modification of data, tap the right edge of the button in the list.After you install XMLog create a folder named "Voice" in your XMLog install folder and extract the files from waves.CsvdropBox, cSVTurboHamLog, dropBox, delete all data, dropBoxcsvexport to Amateur radio for business diary app.Rig and Rotor Memories - Memory buttons can be programmed to set your rig frequency/mode or control your rotor.Aether includes tools to quickly and easily log QSOs while on the air, as well as organize, search and track your QSOs later.Aether requires: OS.7.5 Lion or later (users of older Macs, see here ) *Rig control for most rigs requires a USB-to-Serial adapter.Options for manually performing lookup are also supported.QSL Management, aether helps you keep track of your QSL cards, both paper and electronic.