hellgate london patch 1.5

Items Improved the drop rate of analyzers and various recipes.
Engineers Engineer Drone behavior improved.
Spectral Curse Spectral Curse now also reduces targets' movement speed.
Aura of Salvation The initial elemental attack defense granted by Aura of Salvation has been slightly decreased.Increased the amount of Shields found on items and affixes, ramping up after level.Announced today that the company is revealing.5 patch details of Hellgate: London, an online action RPG developed by Redbana US Studio, every week through the games Korean official website.It is planned to be an extensive update to reinforce Hellgates reputation.You must use this skill in order to gain the effect and functions similarly to how fire both weapons works.Precision Strikes Precision Strikes now have direct synergies with all other Precision Strikes.Drain Life The damage of this spell has been doubled.Vendor inventories in Nightmare difficulty should now be stocked with Nightmare-level items.Armors with the minion damage bonus affix now work for the Engineer.Some UI panels style xp windows 7 theme have been improved.
Word of Fear The Fear Attack Strength of this spell now properly scales with the caster's level.
Firestorm The rank progression of this spell has been re-designed.
Fixed a bug which caused the /played command to display the incorrect amount of time played.Fixed a bug which prevented Boneshards from having any effect on every other cast.Explosive Grenade Explosive Grenades now explode on impact with monsters (but not objects) and have a 2 second fuse.Mythic quality items added.HanbitSoft announcing that the company will be posting the patch details in weekly basis suggests that the update date is getting close.Players - Players are no longer assigned a default skill.New changes from the.5a release are marked with a and removed changes are marked with.Nightmare Difficulty The difficulty of Nightmare has been rebalanced.Recipies to create rings.Shield overload reduced and capped at 100.