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Pellegrini manages a half-smile.
"But I used.The whore's face is hard, a man's face.Book details Author : David Simon Pages : 640 pages Publisher : Ballantine Books Language : English isbn-10 : isbn-13.From inside the aquarium-the soundproof room of metal and plate glass where witnesses sit before being interviewed-comes the sound of young girls laughing softly."She's my partner." "How do you do?" Pellegrini said with no hesitation.Thompson?" "Yeah." "Police." "Poh-leece?" Jesus Christ, Pellegrini thinks, what else would a white man in a trenchcoat be doing on Gold Street after midnight?After you're interviewed." "What about my ride?" "One of the uniformed officers will take you home." "I've been here an hour she says, crossing her legs in the doorway.Mistaking this casual assessment for genuine opportunity, the girl saunters from the aquarium to the edge of the office, then knocks lightly on the metal frame."Once in the head, once in the back." Landsman pauses, and Pellegrini watches him go deadpan once again.Here be witnesses from Fahlteich's shooting at the city's other end-living, breathing witnesses brought forth by the gods from the scene of the new year's fourteenth homicide.
He sees a hard face, the deep brown features fixed like granite, the eyes offering only seasoned contempt.
Landsman has watched him build cases on murders about which nothing should have been learned.
A true crime classic.Pellegrini smiles, content in the knowledge that nothing in this world can come between a cop and his attitude.On the bottom of the same page recording the particulars of Rudy Newsome's death, Pellegrini writes the number of the parking space and the mileage on the odometer, then circles the two figures.It isn't much, and Pellegrini can read his sergeant's mind: three yos wearing black, a description that narrows the list to about half the fucking city.You come here this time a night telling me I got to talk to you when I don't want." Pellegrini steps back from the front stoop and looks at the blue glow from the emergency lights."There's a woman who went into a house across the street.Robin Odell, world Gone By, dennis Lehane.99, angel of Darkness Dennis McDougal.99 Mindhunter Mark Olshaker The Cartel Don Winslow tratado de direito penal bitencourt pdf Crazy Town Robyn Doolittle The Cut George."Watch for needles says a uniform."Here's your problem he said.Mildred B Thomason, download Restoring Justice: An Introduction to Restorative Justice (Daniel.