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And crucially, independence of the judiciary has been held to be a basic feature of the Constitution, 55 56 and at first sight ebook pdf which being inalienable, has come to mean that which cannot be taken away from it by any act or amendment by the legislature or the.
State of Kerala case that an amendment cannot destroy what it seeks to modify, which means, while amending anything in one man band keyboard the Constitution, it cannot tinker with the " basic structure " or its framework, which is immutable.The Constitution of India is federal in nature but unitary in spirit.72 Power of President to grant pardons, etc., and to suspend, remit or commute sentences in certain cases.363A Recognition granted to Rulers of Indian States to cease and privy purses to be abolished.247 Power of Parliament to provide for the establishment of certain additional courts.355 Duty of the Union to protect States against external aggression and internal disturbance.Sixth Schedule (Articles 244(2) and 275(1) Provisions made for the administration of tribal areas in Assam, Meghalaya, Tripura, and Mizoram.Ministry of Law Justice.Besides the English version, there is an official Hindi translation.12 This draft was debated, revised and finally adopted by the Constituent Assembly of India on 26 November 1949.371H Special provision with respect to the State of Arunachal Pradesh.
243R Composition of Municipalities.Citation needed Constituent assembly A meeting of the Constituent Assembly of India, 1950 CE Main article: Constituent Assembly of India It was drafted by the Constituent Assembly, which was elected by elected members of the provincial assemblies.Roy, Etc vs Union Of India And Anr on 28 December, 1981".What these "basic features" are, have not been defined exhaustively anywhere, 40 and whether a particular provision of the Constitution of India is a "basic feature" is decided as and when an issue is raised before a court in an instant case.Retrieved 6 November 2015.260 Jurisdiction of the Union in relation to territories game of thrones s01e05 720p outside India.226 Power of High Courts to issue certain writs.Chapter VI : subordinate courts 233 Appointment of district judges.