ios table view controller storyboard example

First, download this sample image.
If you need a dynamic array, use NSMutableArray instead.You removed the comment cricket games world cup 2011 that pes 2013 pc full version iso says #warning Incomplete implementation because youve completed the implementation.Leave these defaults as they are, and click Create.You may have to disclose those objects to see the table view cell.Consequently, it is within this class that we can build a very simple data model for our application consisting of a number of arrays.Now, hit the Run button again and your SimpleTable app should display the image in each row: Whats Coming Next?Resize and position the items so that the cell layout resembles that illustrated in Figure 29-5, windows server 2008 workgroup networking making sure to stretch the label object so that it extends toward the right-hand edge of the cell.Click the Run button to build your app and test.The Simulator screen will look like this: Easy, right?First, whats a Table View in iPhone app?
In the Subclass of field, select UITableViewController.You dont want to deal with all those patterns?This meal list becomes the initial scene for your app.Delete the controller class, viewController.Change the data source method to return the appropriate number of rows, and remove the warning comment.Select the Label view, display the Auto Layout Align menu and add a Vertically in Container constraint to the view.