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You hear it from professors who snidely remark that there are no bonus points for participation in the "real world.".
Finding how someone you really love lived their life whether it's an artist, an activist, or a jbl flip with mac computer engineer can be better fuel for your own life than the biggest how-to book.Adulting new train games 2012 by Kelly Williams Brown, sometimes you just need to know how to do things.These books duster tech road 1.6 16v 2014 will help.Related: The 10 Types of Douchebags You Meet in College.Plus, both books will leave you a little distrustful of the Man, which isn't a bad way to start your job search.Doesn't it feel like older generations have banded together just to let you know how terrible life is going to be after college?
Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer OR, on the Road by Jack Kerouac.
This book wants to help.
It seems that everyone wants a chance to let you know how good you have it, and just how terrible life is going to be as soon as you exchange your cap and gown for business casual.Get ready to learn the art of non-obvious networking and cheap happy hours (kidding!It's not a quick read, but Hyde's careful breakdown of the cycle of contribution and consumption, giving back and paying forward, result in what's basically a formula for living a beautiful life.The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer, wondering how you and your bohemian friends will all turn out?And hey, if you can swing that post-grad life, more power to you.The Dud Avocado whirls around the City of Light in a flurry of cocktails and bad romance, never quite losing her joie de vivre, which is an easy thing to do in the real world even if your "real world" is Paris.Some of these books pinpoint that specific feeling of post-grad ennui; others provide fiery inspiration; and some are just really useful for navigating a post-grad life.A bio of someone you really love Biographies have a whiff of "assigned reading" that they really don't deserve, because they're an incredibly rich source of inspiration.The team at City Guide may not know everything, but we do know what it's like to be in our 20s, because, well, we are.