make windows 2008 server master browser

Upon investigating I noticed this server couldn't talk to anything else either so it can't be that alone.
There is nothing it cannot do on Windows).
After making the corrections, the computers holding the master browser roles will begin to populate the browse list for the entire network. You might not have permission to use this network resource." Other computers and servers are able to browse just fine.I recommend loading up the Powershell command line, typing in the above code, and checking what other functions this object has.note: 10/11/16, please see this new blog post which addresses a new issue that has happened since June 2016. . If I go to Entire Network in Windows Explorer and try browsing the domain I get "domain_name is not accessible.In a multiple subnet environment, make sure wins is configured properly so that you have the proper Netbios name resolution. .To do this, follow this procedure: Using the Windows interface on your windows server. If I "net view /domain:domain_name" I get "System error 87 has occurred".
In this case - IE is a better browser than the others because it integrates with Powershell through a verbose API.
If I try to manually map the network drive for the share on this workgroup computer it prompts of the login but errors out saying "The drive could not be mapped because no network was found". Reset TCP/IP stack with no change.Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2, server can't browse the network but can random number generator program connect to a specific UNC path.What would happen is that the computers from branch 1 would all show up under branch 1 on that network, and the computers from branch 2 would only show up on branch 2s network.I recently ran into the situation where my PDC failed and after promoting a second DC to PDC all the computers in both my branches would not show up under the Windows 7 network. It has been working for awhile then it just stopped.