mass effect 2 final mission squad choices

If it was integrity alone, most players would choose Tali without a second thought.
Drack's scouts will help during the main mission.
Mass Effect 2: Lanius, loyalty Mission: Tali, tali is accused of treason.
Liam Loyalty, Cora Loyalty - Condition of Sarissa and the Asari Pathfinder whether Sarissa is disgraced or stays as Pathfinder, OR, jaal and Extremist faction - to kill Akksul or not, Peebee loyalty - fate of mysterious device, Drack Loyalty and Aroane's Status, Gil loyalty.Kadara: Which faction came out on top?Before you embark on the insane venture, give a rousing speech to your surviving crew members.This page will have information on the key choices and the resulting consequences for Ryder's actions.Pathfinder Raeka, pathfinder Raeka survives and helps Ryder during the final mission.Are you a fan of ME3 's conclusion?If Ryder chooses to spare the angaran AI Give her to the angara against her wishes.Forcibly remove protestors Unique HNS dialgue.
Which is why it's such a shame that everything Mass Effect 2 got so right, Mass Effect 3 got so wrong.Reyes Vidal is on the run.Ryder is then presented with nfs underground 2 crack 1.2 another major decision (detailed below).Step Four: Let The Suicide Begin I cry every time!Thus, the Architect encounter on Elaaden is also forfeit.Ryder Family and Memory Fragments.Did not destroy facility, killed Cardinal.If Reyes is in charge of Kadara Port, he shows up instead.You will get help from the Angaran resistance in the final Meridian Mission.Elements of player choice were woven into the wider narrative, your odds of success calculated on your level of preparation and the mental health of your crew.