max memory for sql server 2008 r2

String sqlserver (Key) : Hostname of the SQL Server where the primary replica of the availability group lives.
Currently the features supported net lizard action game are Database Engine, Analysis Services, SQL Browser, SQL Reporting Services and Integration Services.Only tcp is currently supported.S pomocí Resource Governor pro I/O mete nyní omezit i zatíení diskového systému pomocí MAX_iops_PER_volume a kontrolovat fyzické IO operace pro dan resource pool.InstallsqldataDir AgtSvcAccount sqlsvcAccount sqlsysAdminAccounts Additional parameters need when installing Analysis Services.If the number of cores configured in SQL Server are greater than or equal to 8 cores then max degree of parallelism will be set.Parameters String Features (Key) : SQL features to enable firewall rules for.For more information about server roles, please read the below articles.Use a Windows PowerShell array to specify multiple variables and their values.Parameters String EndpointName dsi point codes no (Key) : The name of the endpoint.If the operating system is Windows 2000 Datacenter Server, SQL Server 2000 Enterprise can use up to 64GB of RAM.Read-Only Properties from Get-TargetResource Boolean GroupExist (Read) : Returns true if the cluster role/group exist, otherwise it returns false.
Default value is 'TCP'.Boolean ProcessOnlyOnActiveNode (Write) : Specifies that the resource will only determine if a change is needed if the target node is the active host of the SQL Server Instance.Examples xsqlserverServiceAccount Manage the service account for SQL Server services.Using AWE Memory in SQL Server 2000.String InstanceName (Key) : SQL instance to enable firewall rules for.Lock Pages in Memory.String ReportsVirtualDir (Write) : Report Manager/Report Web App virtual directory name.String ProductKey (Write) : Product key for licensed installations.Je vak píinou viditelnch zmn v ivot lovka.Any script that does not throw an error or returns null is evaluated to true.