minolta dimage xi manual

Provided that there's enough space remaining on the good morning sms with photo memory card, the camera can capture up to 7 large/fine images, or over a hundred small/economy mode ones before having to pause to write the image data to the memory card.
This manual contains information regarding products introduced before October, 2002.Quality level : Sets the image compression level to Super Fine (uncompressed tiff file format Fine, Standard, or Economy (jpeg file formats).The secret to the Dimage Xi's compact design is its internally-mounted lens, which stretches vertically up the side of the camera rather than protruding from the camera's front.For the enthusiasts (taking myself as an example it makes a great "second camera something that you'd just toss in your pocket without thinking."The new Minolta Dimage Xi is approximately of an inch thick and shares the same revolutionary folded 3x optical zoom lens as the Dimage.It'd thus do well as a "second camera" for enthusiasts, too.Folder Name : You can have the camera name the folders it stores its images in on the memory card using either the camera's standard scheme, or by Date.
Change in exposure compensation is visible in the live image on the monitor.
Dynax - EFJ - E-Mini - EU-Mini - FP - Freedom.Date Time Set : Sets the camera's internal calendar and clock.In addition to the optical zoom, the Dimage Xi offers 4x digital zoom.The camera also accepts MultiMediaCards.The thumbnails below show a subset of my test images.The net result is a nice boost in image quality in one of my favorite subcompact camera models.