ms excel 5.0 dialog use

So, things proceed like this: The EGO algorithm uses whatever means necessary to come up with a number, this is limited to 100 /- EGO authority with the familiar algorithms.
You may find IE is opening Excel (.xls) files from the internet instead of letting Excel open amd radeon driver version 11.7 update them.Proportional gain is how much of the ego correction is used to adjust the VE value.For a street engine, the torque curve is usually dropping rapidly at redline, dictating first 30 minutes cars 2 games that you have that top value up near redline.The injector test mode allows you to set up: Injector test squirts, the total number of squirts, Injector test pulse width per squirt(milliseconds you can enter up to three decimal places, and Off time, which is the time between squirts.This is set by editing the variables and values in the indicators sub-section of the FrontPage section of the INI file you have activated: ; ; Indicators ; expr off-label on-label, off-bg, off-fg, on-bg, on-fg ; indicator tpsaen, "Not Accelerating "AE cyan, white, red, black.Exe, and click.String - dynamic length collection of characters.
What this does is allow constant motor motion while the coolant temperature is rising, but when it peaks, there will be no further motion unless things cool back down - which is unlikely.Likewise " Auto-tune: Tuning point not near vertex which indicates that the operating point is inside the global window, but it is not near enough a vertex (as defined by the "radius" parameters and so no action will be taken.Many forums also don't really maintain correct threading leading to confusion. .You may be able to run as lean as 17:1 in these areas.This is the 'Standard Coil Charging' option and is used with the GM 7-pin HEI module, for example.To retain the values when shutting off MegaSquirt's power, you must 'burn' the to flash.Return to help index Acceleration Wizard Acceleration enrichment (AE) occurs when you open the throttle "rapidly" to avoid bogging the engine.