muppet race mania psx iso

Dino Crisis 2 ntsc-U slus-01279 Works Works nearly perfect.
Tales of Destiny ntsc-U slus-00626 Doesn't Work Settings: Dynarec, pes 12 crack keygen Limit FPS: Auto, Frame Skip: On, Dithering: None.
Already on disk 2 (update: Finished the game).2 on 2 Open Ice Challenge ntsc-U slus-00327 Works Tested by DuP, Great video, great speed 2Xtreme ntsc-U scus-94508 Works Tested by: Dump.L Title Region Game ID Result Notes Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen PAL-F sles-00522 Works 100 perfect on Dynarec, FPS limit On, Frame skip trix card game for symbian Off.I received this error as well and Beta 2 is currently unable to play Eternal Punishment.Nuclear Strike ntsc-U slus-00518 Works Tested by lancea34 Dynarec: Works almost perfectly at full speed.Driver 2 ntsc-U slus-01161 Doesn't Work Tested by MiniSh: ' Dynarec Doesn't boot.
No CD Audio track support yet Wipeout ntsc-U scus-94301 Works Great in Dynarec, default settings Wipeout 2097 PAL-E sles-00327 Works Dynarec: 40 to 50fps in-game.But stack dump when going through the 5th door.Works perfectly otherwise Power Rangers Zeo - Full Tilt Battle Pinball ntsc-U slus-00256 Works Great with dynarec.You must first swap the disc "If required" then select your series, or else your game will say "Please insert Disc 2/3, but it will become unresponsive, until you go to WiiSX menu and select Disc 1 again.Heart of Darkness (E) (Disc1of2 sles-00461 heart of Darkness (E) (Disc2of2 sles-10461 heart of Darkness (G) (Disc1of2 sles-00463).Nintendo other ISO PSX and Mania A game-game 4756.Those problems wasn't in the PAL one.Make sure you use frame limit and standard controller kp panchang 2013 pdf input.Suikoden II PAL slus-02442 Works Dynarec, bios on SD, Frameskip off, Loaded from USB, Runs at 50fps constant and drops to 40 occasionally!