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"NBA Street (PS2) - Review".
Aside from the basic structure of basketball, players try to collect trick points, which are scored through the use of almost every basketball game maneuver such as faking out defenders, shot blocking, diving for the ball, and dunking.
For instance, in-game players are able to jump high enough to grab three-point shots mid-arc (goaltending is permitted and is often used as a defensive strategy)."NBA Street - GC - Review".Michael Jordan, who announced his comeback from his second retirement with the Washington Wizards a few months after the PlayStation 2 release, is available on both the Gamecube and PlayStation 2 versions.He was however removed as the "Final Challenge" in the Gamecube version as he now played for the Washington Wizards in the game.Navarro, Alex (March 24, 2005).Boyce, betty azar grammar book Ryan (June 12, 2001).Their personalities and appearances were loosely inspired by real players, such as Stretch, the "cover athlete" who resembled Julius Erving in looks and abilities.Archived from the original on December 28, 2004.After the cutscene, the player enters a " god mode " in which he has unlimited turbo and will break all of his tackles.Cast and characters edit, twenty-nine NBA teams are playable, with rosters from around.
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For information on the rest of the series, see."NFL Street 2 Unleashed"."NFL Street 2 Unleashed Review".When called at the line of scrimmage, A cutscene occurs in which on defense, the defense stylishly gets the ball back while on offense, the offense stylishly gets over the line of scrimmage.If a team fills a special meter through flashy and effective gameplay, they get to perform a Gamebreaker, which is a special shot that not only adds to their score, but it truth table generator excel subtracts an amount from their opponents' score.Some of the running moves are the juke, the spin, the wall move, the wall juke, the stiff arm and the hurdle.However, the winner must win.A b "NFL Street 2 for Xbox Reviews"."NFL Street 2 - PS2 - Review".