nec usb 3.0 driver mac os x

I popped in my cheapie Keydex USB.0 ExpressCard adapter and sure enough, an entry for USB Super-Speed Bus appeared in System Profiler.
I imagine other companies (Belkin?
Then well all be able to enjoy super speed on our Macs!After refreshing System Profiler and Disk Utility a few times, I jumped over to the Terminal to see if there were any error messages.LaCie includes an uninstaller and instructions on how completely to remove their driver.This is perfectly fine, and may actually be preferable if you can get it to work.I purchased everything else mentioned.Then I spotted the error message: Super Speed device other than LaCie is not supported Vendor IDbc2.Simply download this file, then enter the following into Terminal to complete the install: open /System/Library/Extensions drag and drop the xt into this folder.
I am looking for a specific card by an established vendor for the 2008 Mac Pro to get USB.0 speeds (not just.0 with some boost, but true USB.0) that doesn't require the use of Kext Wizards and as much chasing.So Ill uninstall it and wait for someone else to release a real open driver.Includes: * 2-Port ExpressCard SuperSpeed USB.0 Card Adapter * Cables: DC to USB power cable (for providing additional bus power if necessary).It will ask you to authenticate with your Mac OS X admin password.No matter what Steve Jobs thinks of USB.0, it is coming to the Mac and soon.Edit: shamelessly this destroyed my continuity activation done a few months back.First, purchase the ExpressCard/34; It needs to be based on a NEC chipset, uPD720202.