necron codex 6th edition pdf

What is this madness!?
If your group doesn't allow Forge World, then this is a poor, poor substitute.
Crypteks - Essentially Necron "priests/wizards" employed by Overlords to use their space magic (otherwise known as science) to assist in battle.Canoptek Scarabs - One of the few units with the "Entropic Strike" rule, meaning that it can make your enemy lose their goddamn armor save if they ever fail a save against them.When a Transcendent C'tan dies, it hits everything within 4d6" automatically at S10 AP2.Take three while you're.If these guys happen to be part of the Destroyer Cult formation you're looking at one of the best anti-tank batteries in the game (as they'll reroll all failed wounds and armor penetration rolls ) - but unfortunately you will have to take a Destroyer.Take them if you have the points, or cfosspeed full crack 2013 if you want a threatening counter-assault or deep-strike melee threat.
Unfortunately, sticking him on a Command Barge does not allow his hammer of wrath and sweep attacks to benefit from the Empathic Obliterator (though it does allow him to get to objectives quickly to score late game).The real use for these guys is simply bodyguard duty spy fox hold the mustard to a combat Overlord.I always had trouble with nearly every army destroying my Arks (mostly bad luck, even had a Flyrant get lucky with a 6 to pen, and another 6 to explode) and this mostly solves the problem.Equipped with a nasty shooting weapon, defensive grenades for the squad, and the Solar Pulse, which turns night fighting on or off.It is notable that due to the fire arcs of the various weapons, the monolith is never able to fire all weapons at a single target unless said target is a blob that for some reason decided to surround your giant fat ass tank.It also lost its "Test or die" effect when used offensively, along with the Exile Ray rule.1/6 of your opponent's moving force just disappeared.On odds, you need to capture all the odd objectives.Unit Analysis edit, note : Canoptek units don't have Reanimation Protocols since they aren't really Necrons but machines left behind to guard the tombs.The changes to Jink made the majority of Necron vehicles a hell of a lot more resilient, with a 4 cover save for all flyers and skimmers except the Monolith.