over and over hot chip zippy

When statues are installed or transported they are often lowered into place with large, colourful canvas slings.
Yes, I think I was a lot less nervous about this one.
I work closely with Owen Clarke from the hotmail password hacking software band on the initial ideas, and we have hugely overlapping tastes, so after an evening talking about ideas we normally get to a core aesthetic that we can then experiment with.
It offers funking, zippy synth lines and glorious guitar-as-kazoo wig-outs.The band are generally happy if Owen is happy, so its good that we share such similar tastes.Hot Chip Flutes (Sasha Remix).Need You Now and, huarache Lights so be sure to check it out on iTunes and keep supporting great music.The idea of a head seemed to appeal to the band most of all, and from there it all came together after lots of experimentation.From the Erol Alkan re-work of Boy From School to the Solid Groove touch on Over and Over it seems like most of the dance elite have had a go at adding their own flavour to the English bands melo-tropical wares.Hot Chip Look At Where We Are (Four Tet Remix).Hot Chip I Feel Better (Max Cooper Remix).Groove Is In The Heart or, love Shack has there been a floorfiller with such an unapologetic sense of fun, such a gleeful propulsion, such a daft sense of humour.If his music doesnt make you smile, then something has gone awfully wrong.
Hot Chip Colours (Fred Falke Remix).Hot Chip Boy From School (Erol Alkan Extended Rework).It keeps its bizarreness light and its beats bouncy, both its lyrics and music offering just the right amount of wrongness.That said, we always seem to gravitate towards mysterious objects that invite interpretation; the blocks from.Despite singing about a monkey with a miniature cymbal and inexplicably spelling out the words Kissing, sexing, Casio poke as its finale, this is a record that doles out its surrealism with a snake-hipped delight, a wide-eyed smile and a satisfying crunch.3, theres a fine history of surrealism in pop.Owen had a few photographic examples of this in action and they seemed to create an interesting theme; classical forms intersected with bright stripes of colour.It holds the swaggering slickness of a band at the peak of their game.