paste values shortcut key in excel

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Columns A and B of the example spreadsheet both contain numeric values and the Paste Special command is used to subtract the values in column A from the values in column.
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Learn More Paste Special Options, main Menu for 9 Essential Excel Skills.Pressing Ctrl-R copies the contents of cells A1-A3 into cells B1-D3 Finally, it is worth mentioning how to duplicate a worksheet in Excel.Examples of these are shown below: Paste Special Values oxford clinical pharmacy handbook Example, a simple paste special example is shown in the two images below.Paste Values Only, Transpose, Paste Link, Paste Formatting, etc.). .Pressing Ctrl-D copies the contents of cells A1-C1 into cells A2-C4 Ctrl-R The keyboard shortcut Ctrl R (i.e.An example of this is shown below.On my latest DVD-ROM, Nine Essential Skills for Excel 2010, I go into greater detail about the many ways that you can use Paste Special.
This IS one of the 9 Essential Skills that I have identified.
Ctrl-D The keyboard shortcut Ctrl D (i.e.
Danger of using a macro, posted by Joel Horowitz on January 02, 2002 7:25.Just the cell values or just the cell formatting) into the new range.The values in the copied cells are added to, subtracted from, multiplied by or used to divide the target cells.Is there an easy way to assign a shortcut key (such as AltCtrlV) to the Paste Values command?I've already added a button to my toolbar.Then, as in the example above, select column B and then select the Paste SpecialSubtract option.To do this, simply copy a single cell to start with, instead of a range of cells.This is done by copying column A, selecting column B, and then selecting 'Paste Special with the S ubtract option.Back to archive home, shortcut key for Paste Values, posted by Alan on January 01, 2002 1:28.