point blank patch 5.0

Combustible Gas Cylinder is now a passive ability.
Lethal Strike grants Augmented Toxins, increasing the ms word book template critical chance and proshow gold 7 crack critical multiplier darwin on the origin of species pdf of your damaging and healing periodic effects by 30 for 6 seconds.For every target initially affected beyond the first, Diversion grants a charge of Controlled Chaos, increasing armor penetration by 10 per charge.Lash the target with your lightsaber, dealing weapon damage and immobilizing it for 3 seconds.No Escape has been renamed Adaptable Assailant and combined with effects of Explored Area.This effect lasts for 20 seconds.Stacks up to 3 times.Pinning Resolve has been renamed Staggering Stratagem and combined with effects of Humility.
Galactic Command, galactic Command is both an access point and progression system for content in the game.
Shield Specialization has been renamed Conquering Defense and redesigned.Battle Focus grants Aim Extensions, allowing Ion Pulse, Tactical Surge, Ion Wave, Ion Storm, Flak Shell, Artillery Blitz, Energy Blast, Energy Burst, Plasma Flare, and Plasmatize to be used at 30 meters for 15 seconds.New Passive Ability: Soothing Protection.New Passive Ability: Curative Jolt.Hold your Ground: Reduces the cooldowns of Defense Screen and Pulse Detonator by 5 seconds, and Escape by 30 seconds.Discharge: Strike up to 8 nearby enemies with dark energy, dealing internal damage and generating a high amount of threat.The Command Experience Points (CXP) you earn are based on a few factors: the difficulty of the activity (Story, Veteran, Master how many players are required, and how long it takes to complete.