premade prison server 1.7.10

How to update it.11: To update the server.11 is simple, get your hands on the latest.11 Spigot then start go through all the plugins and update them winrar 4.00 beta 4 to their latest version.
By downloading this file you agree to the following: You wil l not redistribute this file to anyone publicly or privately.If you need anything post a comment below, i'll be glad to help anyone.You will not steal any of the orginal images/description of the server.Ranks go from A to PrisonGod-III (All working ranks).GroupSell our sell plugin will no longer work on newer spigots so you can try looking on spigot for another sell plugin, I suggest purchasing AutoSell and using that for all your shops.Download can be found here!Donor Ranks and Mines are: Coal, Iron, Gold, Lapis, Redstone, Diamond, Emerald, Obsidian and Bedrock.
You will give credit even if you only use some or all of this download.
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You will not claim this as your own work.How about pressing that diamond button?You will need to redo the voting in order for it to work with you server, GroupSell is our custom sell plugin.1252138, posted on 8/10/2014 : Using this download?Comments : 420, more Projects by Funnycube, site Statistics.Don't Forget to give credit.Server name was OblivionMc, we used about 8Gb of RAM on a dedicated server.Server Info: We used GroupManger for all our permissions.