production possibilities curve shows

Explanation: Given these assumptions, we construct a hypothetical production possibility schedule of panasonic toughbook cf-c1 driver such an economy in Table.1.
In this example, the opportunity cost of producing an additional 30 textbooks is 4 computers.On the other hand, if the country gets devastated by a major hurricane, it's not too difficult to imagine that this setback would make it more difficult to produce things.Thanks for the feedback!This means that the production of one commodity can only increase when the production of the other commodity is reduced, due to the availability of resources.It also describes society's choice between two different goods.If technical progress takes place in the production of only one of the two goods, say consumer goods, the new production possibility curve will be PP1 in Figure.9.Shifts in the PPF Curve, so, now we can talk about shifts in the entire curve.
If the country experiences more unemployment, then the unemployment rate goes.Development being a continuous and long run process, these resources change over time and shift the production possibility curve outwards as shown in Fig.Over 55,000 lessons in all major subjects.There are many possibilities to produce the two goods.(3) Economic Growth: By relaxing the assumptions of the fixed supply of resources and of short period, the production possibility curve helps us in explaining how an economy grows.It will thus experience higher economic growth.