safely remove usb linux

Well, first the obvious comment that all USB devices are not created equally.
USB Safely Remove system tray.It's only by playing with it more thoroughly in Disks that I've uncovered this off-spec behavior.Sudo udisks -unmount /dev/sdb1 sudo udisks -detach /dev/sdb, the first line unmounts.Probably my 'bad' stick just has a controller chip that is cheap old, meaning it doesn't send quite the right signals.It is not installed by default but easy enough to install (the package is like a meg in size once installed).This appears at first by keeping the USB listed after it is removed, and even after another USB is slotted.Getting the device name from the mount point would require you pull it from mount or gate 2016 syllabus for civil engineering pdf something.To clarify sdb is the device and sdb1/2/3/etc are partitions on the device.Okay, there's two things I'd like you to try.
Still works okay with the 'good' stick all through this though.
After this it is powered down and you have to remove/reinsert it to remount.
I could see how people could have this flaw yet never know about.Usually with a USB stick/drive there is only one but it is a warning you should know about none the less.One is obviously try other USB sticks if you have them please.Also, you will need to unmount all mount points before you attempt to detach the device.I've been messing with reboots and USB sticks and formatting.