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Ceremony adds flavour to the meat: without it its tasteless.Leading men Toomey and Talbot are straddled with frustrating characters, but Loretta Young is easy to like, even if I found myself liking her best in the only two scenes where she broke character: The wonderful blackmailing of Hugh Herbert, and the shocking final scene.He is at fault for breaking his promise, said Ross.50 Signs That A Guy Likes You -.For alternate views of She Had to Say Yes, please see posts by Karen at Shadows and Satin and Laura at Laura's Miscellaneous Musings.She Had to Say Yes goes a long way to prove very little, said.They added, The plot, though very slim, is also very involved (98).Hugh Herbert a major buyer, sets his eyes on Florence, Tommys reluctance to send her out on a date nearly costs him the account.Boss Sol Glass is no better than a pimp, and a hypocritical one at that.It turns out that the title is not implying that Florence is forced into saying yes, just that she had to give her permission.