suits 3 episode 5

HouseGuests were called to the Diary Room one at a time.
Braxton, Greg (September 11, 2000).Jason was the winner of the competition, meaning he and Lisa would face off in the final round.110 The Power of Veto competition this week was the "Slippery Proposition" competition.50 Unlike other versions of Big Brother, the HouseGuests may discuss the nomination and eviction process openly and freely.During the Power of Veto ceremony, Danielle chose to leave the nominations intact, meaning either Josh or Tonya would be evicted that week.On Day 41, Josh became the fifth evicted HouseGuest by a unanimous vote of five to zero.On Day 34, the vote came down to a tie, with jane by design episode 10 both Eric and Lisa receiving three eviction votes.
HouseGuests could not stand, get out of the tub, or sleep, otherwise they would be eliminated.
"Gerry wins veto power.102 This week's Power of Veto competition was known as "Clockwork." In this competition, HouseGuests were shown snapshots of previous events in the house, and HouseGuests must correctly list the events in order of which they occurred in the house.The HouseGuests failed this challenge, and had to eat peanut butter and jelly for the week."Shapiro reveals more changes to the Big Brother 2 house.".68 On Day 3, the HouseGuests learned that they must compete for the right to use a writer's reference pdf the hot tub in the backyard.Day 1, day 82, jason, day 1, day.Television TV Shows Big Brother 3: Week Nine: Stylist given hook".Summary edit On Day 1, the twelve original HouseGuests entered the Big Brother house.