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Title: Imzy, the nicer Reddit, is shutting down Product: lmzy Imzy was created by former Reddit employees Dan McComas and Jessica Moreno as a safer, friendlier version of the popular community site.
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Like Edison and the lightbulb, like Gates and the pc operating system, I would launch kaspersky password manager vs lastpass a revolution that would transform society while bringing me wealth and fame.Title: What Happened and Whats Next Product: Zirtual So what went wrong?The company had lost 81 million in the 2016 financial year with revenue of just.2 million.This is a longer discussion but I realized, essentially, that we had no customers because no one was really interested in the model we were pitching.We didnt have the validation needed to justify raising the money we did.As much as Id love for healthcare to be a consumer-driven market, Im afraid were at least 3-5 years away from it no longer being too early.
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If you cant hire anyone that agrees with you, re-evaluate how you want to do things.I dont think so any more.At.m., Meyer laid off the entire company save for Frescos executives and anyone who wanted to stay on as a volunteer via Slack.We have worked furiously on finalising it but unfortunately, due to very tight timelines and complexities associated with the administration process, the deal fell through at the last minute.Having an independent platform to do this is no longer necessary.Title: On-demand chef service Kitchensurfing shuts down Product: Kitchensurfing The startup had originally allowed customers to book chefs days in advance for at-home dinner parties, but last year moved to an on-demand model.As a result, too many startups are unfocused.Deals fell through leaving me in the difficult position to close Backchat and YouTell.Title: Manilla Is Shutting the beginners guide game mac Down Company: Manilla This was a hard decision given that, over the past three years, Manilla has won many awards and has been well supported by its valued user base but was unable to achieve the scale necessary to make the.Despite the best of intentions, we were unable to deliver a quality product that showed product-market fit.