top 32 yugioh decks 2011

"And the winner is".
It still wasn't a great hand.
Konami : 2010/08 - Gen Con Indy, Yu-Gi-Oh!He set one backrow and next turn was swiftly OTK'd.We had typical late-tournament banter about our losses and wins.Having friends who know what to say to help you re-focus is beyond important!Record: 1-0 Round 2 (Table 201 Jonathan Daniel.We had two powerful backrow-heavy decks in HAT and Geargia; two quick combo-reliant decks in Mermail and Madolche; and two decks that loved to fill their fields full ssangyong rexton 2008 review of huge monsters in Sylvan and Lightsworn.
Traptrix decks got an incredible boost with the release.
This match was awful.
Because the last thing to happen in that chain is actually Breakthrough Skill 's negation, your opponent can't activate Bottomless or Torrential.That allowed me to thin my deck and draw into the necessary cards to crack the lock.Then, I decided to message the Traptrix-Master himself Bobby Kenny.Game 3 I used Inferno Reckless Summon on Swap Frog, which let me go into two Ghostrick Socuteboss to destroy two of his Sylvan Hermitree s, saving the last one for my Des Frog into Volcasaurus play, which let me OTK.Daigusto Phoenix was made and Gaia Charger was overlaid on top of Volcasaurus.He had no response.Record: 3-1 Round 5 (Table 183 Tyson Pan - Mermails Tyson is from the same area as me and while we've never spoken much; it always makes me sad when I have to play someone I know.Playing Frogs in that format seemed impossible.