vba excel examples code

Basic calculation (Sum) in a range of cells.
For everything else, it locks the cell and makes the font black. .Protect/Lock Cells with Formulas You may want to lock cells with formulas when you have a lot of calculations and you don't want to accidentally delete it or change.Sub UnHideAll Dim wSh As Worksheet For Each sh In Worksheets sible True Next End Sub Back to top Inserting worksheets avoiding duplicate names, naming validations Checks to see if sheet already exists with the name MySheet and does not add it again as Excel.Inserting worksheets avoiding duplicate names, naming validations.Creates an Outlook message, used range of cells - worksheet protection by value type.Next ws, end Sub, hide All Worksheets Except the Active Sheet.Also, this code is made to work when the data entry is done in Column A (note that the code has the line lumn 1).Nested xt with an If statement.HasFormula False Then lue UCase(lue) End If Next Rng End Sub Note that in this case, I have used UCase to make the text case Upper.You can choose other colors such as blue, yellow, cyan, etc.Also, I have used a generic name "WorkbookName" as the filename prefix.
Function FileName FileName rent.
VBA: Language References, vBA: Yes or No Message Box.
If you are working in a workbook that has multiple hidden sheets, you need to unhide these sheets one by one.Visible Hide(or False) - Sheet/Unhide is not greyed out To hide specific (second) worksheet Sub HideSheet Worksheets(2).Visible Hide 'you can use new insight into ielts student's book pack Hide or False End Sub To make a specific (second) worksheet very hidden Sub VeryHiddenSheet Worksheets(2).Visible xlVeryHidden 'menu item is not available End Sub.VBA: WinHttpRequest with Login and Password - Misc Bloglines.Here are the steps you need to follow to use the code from any of the examples: Open the Workbook in which you want to use the macro.VBA: Transparent Forms, vBA: Unhide All Worksheets, excel VBA: Named Ranges and Programming.