warhammer dark elves army book 8th

Black Guard are likely to present group project to the class stay with Ld9 and Stubborn, more so if they're within the General's Ld10 or given the Standard of Discipline to make them Ld10 and if there's also a 7 zip portable italiano BSB in range then the chances of them breaking are so low.
Sivejir's Hex Scroll: One use, replaces dispel.
Well he can take one of the new Skycutters as a mount, giving it a Ward Save against shooting attacks.
However, the join between the wings and body is really poor, it just doesn't blend in at all (unlike those of the Skycutter Eagle) and looks like it'd need an awful lot of green-stuffing to blend out.They're easy to damage unfortunately, but they hit hard (15 always rerollable S4 attacks for 2 ranks of 5) and they.It gives all friendly models within 6" 1 Ld and all enemy models within 6" -1.Relic Sword: Attacks with it always wound on a 5 unless the result needed was lower.Obsidian Blade: 50 points to ignore armour, great for tailoring your list but for an all-comers list you intend to stick to through thick and thin you don't want.Any unsaved wounds cause a toughness check which, if failed, cause -3 to the attacks characteristic of the model.Useful as a 5 point choice, especially if youre facing lore of metal.
With 2 hand weapons and a 4 armor save, they're rock solid and can be quite difficult to damage under a lot of circumstances (in fact they're slightly tougher than dead disk doctor full Bleakswords but with an extra attack if you get them another hand weapon).Standard of Discipline: 1 Leadership, but disregard the General's Inspiring Presence.Cheap, but when THE fuck will YOU neeigher initiative?Your ultimate flanking unit that can also double as a frontline unit and you can take 2 in a 1500 point game if you want to drink your opponent's tears.Each turn roll a d6, roll of a 4-6 and the mage becomes a biped again.