word 2002 equation editor

Reason, mathType.0 is compatible with Office XP, but was released in early 1999, long before Office XP, and was not designed to work with Word 2002 and PowerPoint 2002.
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Neither of these completely eliminates the leading, though.I usually have a style named "Text" as my base paragraph style, set to the "Exactly" setting, and then, in the above scenario, I create a "Text 1" style, based on).You can, however, make equations inserted by the Equation cormen introduction to algorithms ebook Editor smaller, by selecting it and choosing FormatObjectSize and scaling.You can always check for the latest version of MathType by choosing Help MathType on the Web Check for latest version when you have an active internet connection.Manually installing the MathType Add-In for Microsoft Word 2002.Under the Tools menu, choose Macro and then Security.The MathType Commands for Word t file inside it will work with Word 2002.
Right-click on Startup and choose Paste.
The "Test 1" section shows inserted equations with line spacing left at "single." The "Test 2" section shows equations inserted into paragraphs with various line spacing "exactly" settings.
The add-in included with MathType 4 for Word 2000 will work with Word 2002, but it must be manually installed.Make sure that you have MathType.0b installed.Click on the button icon and, holding your mouse button down, drag the button image onto a PowerPoint toolbar.Under Commands, scroll down to find the Equation Editor.MathType.0 will install improved add-ins correctly into Word 2002 and PowerPoint 2002.Locate your MathType directory.Re: Equation Editor (Word 2002).